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The first thing to look at with regards to SEO is your actual website content. Did you spend enough time researching your keywords before jumping in and writing your content? Can your website content be accused of being more keywords than informative content? Can the sentences and paragraphs you’ve written be read by a human and still make sense or have you written primarily for search engine bots?

When Google Panda was implemented in 2011, the methods used by search engines to look at website content changed dramatically. Today not only does your website content need to have good SEO, but it also needs to be well written and informative to a reader. It also needs to be updated on a regular basis, so simply launching a website and letting it sit for months on end will not help your SEO or your search engine rankings.

For your website to be a success, then it needs to have good quality written content that helps visitors to answer a question or find a product. Locksmith boss also needs to contain a selection of keywords that are related to your service/products and that internet users are constantly looking for, and it needs fresh content on a regular basis…maybe though the use of a blog page.

Another way is to write guest blog posts for websites that are in the same general niche as yours. Again you add an author bio and a link to your website so that readers can visit if they want to. Links aren’t difficult to create, but you do need to write quality articles and blog posts in the first place. Writing and submitting content-farmed work, or work that is largely taken from other websites, will not get you published, and without publication, your links will never be seen.